Free Data sets for machine learning practice

There are many places data sets are available for free, I have collected following links over the periods, many of them for learning purpose, there are few for real serious for problem solving.

UCI have famous data repository at

Very good weather data at for at

Data set for different ML problems order in terms of complexity

If you have Wolfarm Alpha pro account, you can download research data in CSV format. For example (Hover your mouse on the plots to get download link)

As previously mentioned, past and current competitions are great source data sets to experiment and validate algorithms accuracy.

There are many data sets including retail market and traffic at

UCI Data Archive at

Statlib data arcihive

Economic Time series data sets from university of Maryland

There are many time series covering various aspect data library compiled for Monash University, Australia here (Interesting data sets about loans, Sheep population etc)

Data is considered as commodity and few sites sells data for researchers.

Various data sets shared for learning community can be found here,

Collection of spatial data list at

Some interesting data sets for learning

British Election study data set

German social survey data

Research datasets from Harvard

Various datasets compiled on International Economics, which may require some data massaging as like many data sets found here

Community stackoverflow data in huge file can be found here for any data research

Free economics, demographics and financial data (require log in)

US govt data dedicated site

Amazon host huge public data sets on AWS

Collection of many datasets compiled at

XML data source


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