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Jul 2007: What Is Your Passion?

Every one knows that, if you do your job with passion then success is 100% guaranteed. What if you really don’t know what is you passion is?. Most of the time people really don’t know what their real passion is. What ever they thought their passion was, when it was done repeatedly as day job, they realise that it as not their passion. I heard this many times from people reporting to me. Majority of the people never feel happiness about their job, and also they aware that they are not performing to their peek potential, also they confused what their real passion is. Here are few simple steps, explained in the following sites, which I felt real good material to share, explains how to identify your real passion.




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Jul 2007: Power Of DIGG.Com

Statistics of beoue.com after hitting first page of digg.com

1100 digg votes still counting (source: digg)

93 Comments (source: digg)

~ 30000 unique visitors (source: weblogs)

~ Surprisingly 70% of them firefox users (source: Google analytics)

~100000 Hits (source: weblogs)

123 people bookmarked this site in del.icio.us (source: del.icio.us, majority of the people tagged it as : analysis, popular, statistics)

18 people so far written about this app in their blog (source: technorati) – Interesting one is here http://www.techipedia.com/2007/07/11/digg-api-tools/

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Jul 2007: Being At Top On Digg.Com

6 hours after submitting the application details of beoue.com in digg.com it suddenly become popular, not able to control myself in hitting refresh button many times in my browser to see how many ‘digg’ each time my story gets. People started noticing it as the story made it to first page of digg, started commenting also. This is really nice feeling some one noticing your work, appreciating, suggesting new features, criticising, giving feedback, GREAT. Thank you all.

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Jul 2007: First ‘Beoue.Com’ App

Created first app for beoue.com using DIGG.com APIs. This app consolidate the sites which are more popular in DIGG.com for a given period. View “Which sites are popular” app at digg.com, and don’t forget to digg it.

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Tips for some one preparing for the PMP certification (Published dec 2006)

  1. When answering the questions don’t apply knowledge you acquired on your project management job at work.

  2. Don’t apply common sense when you answer, always think and answer what PMBOK says. Not what you learned, what common sense says.

  3. Read PMBOK twice and Rita’s exam prep guide once before going for 35 hours mandatory training. After the training you can read again PMBOK and subject will be easy that time.

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